Jun 12, 2009

Currently Craving: From the Sheets to the Streets

1. Anzevino & Florence Tube Top/Cinch Belt
2. Free People Lace Insert Bike Shorts
3. Savant Bandage Bralette
4. Silence & Noise Zip Up Bodysuit
5. Litter SF Walk Plank Shoe Jewelry
6. Silence & Noise Corsetry Bra
7. Scout Bustier Bra Cup Dress

Underwear as outerwear... not a new concept, but I like where it's going! Especially with that bandage bralette and the bustier bra cup dress, hotness! And I couldn't leave out the shoe jewelry from Litter SF - there are a bunch of styles up at Moxsie, check them out!


Chapstick Kills said...

i totally agree!


InnyVinny said...

It seems I'm in love with all kinds of elastic under/outer wear, too. I'm working on a bralette of my own. =D

Vera said...

That bandage bralette is a must-have!

K@terina B. said...

that cutout weird bra I am dying for...!!! the chain shoes are awesome too!!! nice blog...!!!

Daniella said...

I love everyone one of these pieces!!! Great picks!

Claire Geist said...

I loved that S+N bodysuit...gotta love white 7 black for summer, always nice :D

great post, dear!

Aline said...

I love it....#5 looks esp cool!

Unknown said...

I jut tagged you, please check it out :)

Rosanna said...

i've been wanting a bralette for ages too!!!


Stacy said...

loooove the bandage bralette and the silence and noise corsetry bra!
great choices


Anonymous said...

I' craving Litter SF from your list, those girls have pretty cool items, I have to make a purchase :D


Neira said...

love the shoe jewelry <3

Market Publique said...

I am loving the bustier tops too! If this had fit it would be in my closet:


Tijger Melk said...

I'm in love with it all. I literally JUST posted about the bandage bralette from Savant. It's my dream bra.