Jun 10, 2009

Bright Sunshiny Day

Tee: Gap
Shorts: Siwy
Sandals: Nine West
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Burberry

I'm pretty exhausted right now, so I'm just going to summarize my thoughts into bullet points.
  • I am becoming addicted to, you have to check it out, the ladies on that site are so talented at putting together outfits, plus there are weekly contests to win $50 giftcards to stores like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel (and if you're already on weardrobe, friend me!)
  • My new shoes got delivered today, Nine West Ciraco's, and I love them so so much. I also got another new pair of shoes a week or two ago, lace-up flat sandals from Target, which I also love. I have too many black sandals. But I'm sure I'll buy even more this summer.
  • I saw the movie "Observe and Report" yesterday with my BF at the dollar movie theater, and wow, it was just terrible. But I've heard "The Hangover" is really funny, so we might go see that this weekend to cleanse the pallet.
  • Also this weekend is my 5 year high school reunion. Have any of you gone to a high school reunion? I have no idea what to expect, I'm a little nervous about it because I haven't kept in touch with very many people from my high school. But it's a cocktail party, so the free drinks should put everyone at ease!
  • I miss having long hair. Any suggestions on how to make your hair grow faster?


Unknown said...

Loving the shoes!!

InnyVinny said...

GREAT shoes!!! Ahh, I love new shoes.

And have fun at your 5 year reunion. My 10 is coming up next year. O_O

Damsels said...

wow those are ninewest?
and therefore within my price range

hmmmm :)

love themWe Were Damsels


Cute scarf, and I'm in total love over those shoes!!! :)


Anonymous said...

to get long hair :
do not ever ever use heating irons or blowdryers or anything damaging to your hair use treatments and syryms as often as possible - when it gets long enough then you can start damaging it to make it look pretty again :))

What Was I Thinking? said...

This is a great summer outfit, love the shorts and of course the shoes are to die for!

Vertiginoso said...

I really like the way your shorts subtly emphasize the sensuality of your pale skin caressed by the sun . . . AND the "laid back GLAMazon" side of your black sandals !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Aline said...

you look great...your shoes are hot!

Brittany said...

I love the shoes :)

Anonymous said...

I love those shoes! Perfect with that outfit! Great choices :)

Noelle + Kendall said...

Killer shoes.

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