Feb 17, 2009

NY, I Love You: Marc Jacobs F/W 09.10

Oh Marc, you've stolen my heart again with your gaudy, over-the-top, '80s clubbing-inspired runway collection last night at New York Fashion Week. Marc said that while designing this collection, he was "thinking about the good old days in New York, when getting dressed up was such a joy". He's definitely captured that joy in this collection! I love the colors - just because we're in a recession doesn't mean designers can only use black and white. It is so refreshing to see not just pops of color here and there, but an entire collection revolving around bright neons and shiny metallics. I can see many younger fashion-obsessed girls, like myself, saving paycheck after paycheck to be able to afford some of these pieces. And I definitely predict many of these looks filtering down to high street stores like Topshop and H&M (for those of us who may not be able to go a year eating only Ramen in order to afford that bright yellow cape below!). Check out the whole collection at Style, and a video of the show below - what do you think? Are you done with '80s-inspired looks, or do you think Marc has reinvisioned the decade in a fresh new way that is worthwhile?

Pics from Style


Anonymous said...

I just can't believe he started early (and there were empty seats!!)

Anonymous said...

Yep, but they are the ones who missed everything. Anyway, luv the yellow dress.

Ashley said...

I can't believe there were empty seats either! I would be so disappointed if I was able to get a ticket and then missed the show!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't his show cut from 2,000 guests to 500 this year? i heard it's totally hard to get in. I would have LOVED to go.
I loved the show. totally fierce. i love hot colors.