Jan 14, 2009

Electric Slide

Haven't you heard? Color is in - the brighter, the better. About time! I have noticed that I've become stuck in a rut of wearing only whites, greys, and blacks for so many seasons, and I'm sick of it! Bring on the neon! I know, I know, this trend could get a little '80s on us, but luckily designers are using neon colors in a modern way that makes the clothes feel very now, and not so dated (like they easily could be). Do you think you'll be incorporating neon colors into your wardrobe this spring? Let me know if you go for those lime jeans from Tripp (pictured below)!

Pour La Victoire Felicia Sandal, in chartreuse and beige


Anonymous said...

i did a post on neons too!

Ashley said...

Great minds! Love your post!