Jul 15, 2009

Start Me Up

Kate Moss: UK Vogue, May 2003

Pics from TFS, scanned by MissMagAddict


Unknown said...

Kate Moss looks so childish, I really love it!

Unknown said...

ah, kate moss, need we say more =)

Bahrain Fashion said...

Kate Moss! An icon.. soo gorgeous XD She's super adorable!

Anonymous said...

she makes anything look amazing, im so envious
love her

Grace said...


Love Grace.

FashionLagniappe said...

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hippyhippychic said...

she was so much better back in the 90's.
so fresh and fun
(: x

Raj said...

Kate Moss can do no wrongg.
Despite everything, she's still amazingggg

Anthea said...

She has changed so much in only a few short years. She looks so much different now.

Mare said...

love the kate moss pics! she even looks cool in the play mat :)

Chelsea Rae said...

I was just telling my friend that I was bored with Kate, but these pictures make me like her again. It's probably because I rarely see her smile and that's what she's doing in some of these.