Apr 6, 2009

Snowstorms in April

Sweater: Gift from BF, from vendor in Mexico
Jeans: Target
Boots: Steve & Barry's

One of my resolutions for the coming Spring and Summer was to take more of my outfit pictures outside, to take advantage of the beautiful backdrops that this little town offers. However, it's around 30 degrees and snowstorming currently, so I figured you all wouldn't want to see pics of me in a giant parka and Uggs (just kidding... sort of...). If you look really closely out the window behind me, you can see the epic April snow swirling around. It hasn't started sticking to the ground yet, but it's supposed to tonight. Charming, huh? Happy Spring everyone!


The Voguette said...


i woke up this morning and i was like... WTF!?!?!?

my friend whos an exchange student from japan was like - "is this rare?"

i wish i could have said no...

freeteyme said...

I'm so grateful we don't have snows but I also like a cooler weather. I guess there will always be a trade off. Gorgeous sweater! btw, if that was you acing sad and gloomy - i bought it! Happy Monday!

Riina said...

cute shirt !

Aline said...

what a very cute outfit!

Libby said...

For the first time in years its 80 degrees in Seattle in the spring. And the really funny thing was that it was snowing a week ago. I'm so ssorry about the weather adn i love your boots, also the shirt is charming!

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

Ahhh snow in April!?? Hope summer comes to you soon so you can wear light dresses and pretty shoes :) Nevertheless you still look great in your cold weather clothes!

ClandestineChic said...

Very cute outfit and lovely boots! I know what you mean about the snow in April. It's just so insane.

Frankie said...

That top is adorable! x

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

I cannot handle the snow right now either, its crazy! Love your boots though

Love + Cake said...

Hehe, I'm in lovely Cali for the semester so there is NO snow where I am!!! :P

BUt, it has been raining a bit.. (boo!) :(

Can't wait for another month or so :)
it's going to get warm!!

xx. mavi