Feb 17, 2009

NY, I Love You: William Rast F/W 09.10

Ooh this is one of my favorite shows so far, courtesy of Justin Timberlake no less! I posted pictures of the entire William Rast F/W 09.10 collection on The Fashion Spot - just click it to check them out. Unfortunately they're low quality, hopefully high quality pics will surface soon!

The collection consisted of both womenswear and menswear, and presumably shoes from the upcoming William Rast shoe line.
I was really impressed by the styling of the whole show, and the whole
Americana rock 'n roll theme. I loved the jeans, which is really the main focus of William Rast. I would gladly incorporate any of the studded or patchwork jeans into my closet! But I was particularly blown away by the leather jackets (both womens and mens). Crazy studding and tons of zippers made basic black leather motorcycle jackets into wearable pieces of art. One has to wonder how inspired this collection was by the current William Rast model, Erin Wasson. I could see Erin wearing just about every piece from this collection.

Other standouts include the black vest (above), an off-white furry vest, and a fringed cowgirl-esque skirt (both below). What do you think of the collection? Too safe? Too overdone? Too celebrity-endorced (supposedly both Hilton sisters were at the show)?

Pics from Style


Anonymous said...

Denim, denim and more denim. Hurray! :)

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!

Eli said...

some of the shoulder pads were overdone and oddly shaped which made it slouchy. that kind of bugged me. because any women with breasts will look crazy with those kinds of angles going on, pointy boobs and shoulders!

Ashley said...

@Eli: Agreed, it's always interesting to see how runway fashions can be translated into something the average woman can wear!

maiah said...

I had the chance to attend the William Rast show in the fall and the collection was equally as denim-y, fringe-y , leathery, and lovely. :) This recap is great!

Lisa said...

It's definitely one of the better celebrity clothing lines out there.