Oct 21, 2008

Current fave: Grey boots

My new Target boots! I ordered them online a few weeks ago and was unsure about the quality/size/pretty much everything, but they came and I love em! They are kind of wide on my calves, but then again I have really small calves. Also, they are kind of a chameleon color, and in the pictures I took they tend to look more brown than grey.
Note the gap between the top of the boots and my legs- when I'm wearing jeans tucked in that gap goes away, but here I'm wearing leggings.I love the buttons on the side, and how they are slouchy and casual looking. You can't really tell here, but they have a tiny wedge heel, a little more than 1", which is great when you're short like me and every inch helps! And they're only $35! Add another $15 purchase and you'll get free shipping from Happy shopping!

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