Nov 24, 2009

Shopbop $100 Gift Card Giveaway with Ugg Australia Boots!

ugg australia boots
I love my readers, you all are the best. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, thank you for the helpful, thoughtful, and funny comments, and thank you for following my blog (I have over 100 followers, that's just craziness! I love you all!). But sometimes a simple thank you just doesn't cut it. That's why I am giving one of you a $100 gift card to one of my very favorite online stores, Shopbop!

To enter: Tell me which pair Ugg Australia boots from Shopbop is your favorite and why. The best comment wins, so get creative! Let me know how you'd style them, where you'd wear them, all that good stuff :) This contest will run for 10 days.

I chose to focus on Shopbop's selection of Ugg Australia boots for this giveaway because I want to take away the stigma they have in the fashion community. Ugg boots are warm, comfortable, and a necessity in cold climates (like upstate NY!). And, there are some really cute styles to choose from at Shopbop!

So what's technically an Ugg Australia boot?
The name "uggs" or "ugs" actually existed even before there was an Ugg Australia brand. At first, uggs were worn by anyone needing to keep warm - from sheep shearers and aviators, to surfers and swimmers. The actual brand, as we know it, didn't debut until 1978 when an Australian surfer brought them to California.
ugg boots
How did Ugg Australia boots become so popular?
The boots slowly caught on at the beach, but Oprah made them famous when she gave hundreds away on her show. Then, Pamela Anderson wore them on "Baywatch", Samantha wore them on "Sex and the City", and Jessica Simpson sported a pair on an episode of "Newlyweds". Now they're everywhere.

Who else has them?
I have a couple pairs, and guess what? You can get a pair too, if you leave the winning comment! One winner will get a $100 gift card good towards the entire online store. Just tell me which pair of Ugg Australia boots is your favorite and how you'd wear them. Get creative!


kimmie said...

I'd get the Lo Pro boot with drawstring. It's unique and stands out, just like me! I'd wear them with skinny jeans and a long sweater in the winter, or over leggings and a knit dress. Or, I'd just wear them while lying around the house in front of the fireplace on a snowy day, enjoying my toasty toes in my new Uggs!

Teresa said...

The UGG Elsey Tall Wedge boots immediately caught my attention! They add a touch of sophistication to any outfit with the streamlined shape, trendy wedge heel, Victorian-style laces and luxurious suede upper. The great thing about the Elseys is that they have such a versatile look and can also be worn as a casual boot. The shearling lining keeps your feet toasty and warm on those really cold days! I would pair these gorgeous babies with a dress, leggings, and my favorite winter coat.

Anonymous said...

I love the Woodberry boot! The traditional Ugg boot has come to be very well known, but the lace-up back makes you look twice. They would look fabulous with knit tights and a woodsy dress... who says you have to look drab in winter clothes?

CurvyGirlChic said...

I adore the Elsey Boot! It's the perfect pair of boots for my winter weekends--just dressy enough with its wedge heel, but still so warm and comfy since its shearling!

I would love to rock these boots with my dark wash skinny jeans, thin knit sweater layered over a tank, and vintage fur vest!

Unknown said...

I love the Roseberry Boots in Espresso (It's my favorite drink and color). I would pair them with a cute denim skirt and oversized sweater. I love Uggs because they're comfortable and they keep your toes nice and cozy in winter! They're amazing!

Sara said...

Definitely the Elsey Boot, in brown.... as a matter of fact, you've inspired a whole post about that boot, definitely go check it out.

I'd wear them every day all winter in calgary, and would have to resist wearing them right into the lab i'd be working in. They'd look great with skinnies, or tights...but then i might prefer the black ones.

. said...

Ok so here it is. drum roll.... the Sundance II Boot. It might not look like much but it's my favorite. You know the scene from my sisters keeper with Cameron Diaz when the father is taking the daughter to the beach. Yea that's what I envision for these boots. It's funny because when i saw the scene i was drawn to the uggboots and i was like i want them. Now i have the chance. I'm going Cameron Diaz styles. With a long cardigan, jeans and THE uggboots. Can you see what i see? :D thanks

Elizabeth Marie said...

I was just coming over to say hi and thank YOU for the comment, and let you know that you've got me thinking about the whole "reclaiming the blog" thing...and you have a fab giveaway so why not...

I COVET the Argyle knit boots...with grey skinnies, one of my ex's black sweaters and this red scarf I'm dying to wear. And TONS of jewelry. I don't know why but I need to make this outfit happen. lol

Happy Thanksgiving hun!!

Fashion Limbo said...

My favs are the classic cardy Uggs - great to wear with my favourite dark denim skinny jeans, a huge boyfriend jumper, hair pocker straight and a beany hat to match.

Makes me think of winter days, xmas in front of a warm fireplace, streets of NY...basically everything I covet that I dont have/can experience right now!!

Stilettos are torture (there, I said it!) Ugg boots heaven.
Comforting, luxury in a comfy boot, that's Ugg for me.

Gant Knitwear said...

These shoes are amazing! Especially loving the white boots as it approaches winter!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I have the classic tall which I love but another of my faves is the classic cardy boot- they look SOOO comfy!! I would prob wear them with everything- esp leggings and a long tunic!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I am having this giveaway too. I would love to win because they are so gosh darn comfy!
Enter my Giveaway!

MCheeks said...

I have been eyeing the classic cardy boots for a while now!!

They look extremely comfy and WARM in the freezing whether of Vancouver. These uggs are perfect for any outfit, with jeans/leggings/comfy dress. Totally on my list!


Christina said...

Honestly I'd have to say the best pair of Uggs is the classic Tall chestnuts. I've always felt like they're incredibly versatile and they are! You can wear leggings with them, skinny jeans, tights-everything basically! Throw on a huge cardigan sweater and you're good to go. I like the color because it's more of a cognac color and gives some color contrast when worn with other neutrals. I'm all about getting my monies worth and the chestnut isn't so light that it'll get dirty fast either!


Shannon King said...

If I could get any pair of UGGs, it would definitely be the Classic Tall Boots in navy. The color is simple enough to be worn with virtually any outfit, yet the blue stands out in a sea of dreery browns. I would wear these with black leggings or dark wash skinny jeans, along with warm sweaters & knits. I live in CT and it gets quite chilly in the winter, so no matter how ugly UGGs are, your feet will thank you!

I have a pair of classic short UGGs in chestnut. I've had them for a year now, but they're already starting to wear out. And they were ruined in the mud! :( Another pair of brandy new UGGs would be essential to my wardrobe and my cold feetsies.

XXX, Shannon.

Arushi Khosla said...

Hm..if I had my pick..I'd say either the Elsey Tall Wedge Boots or the Roseberry boots. Pure perfection.

Love you, lady!
PS- And love shopbop as well ;)

Viva La Fashion said...

i love uggs. they're so comfy. :)

Catherine said...

To be honest, I've never been a fan of Uggs. However, I give them props for thinking outside of the box from just the plain old Uggs. As a vegan, I probably wouldn't wear any of them, but the classic cardy boots in fig are a fabulous color and they remind me of a comfy sweater that anyone would love to curl up in.

Raj said...

I think the classic tall chestnut ugg boots are underated.
They're classy, and nowdays less common than you might thing.
Although I'm all for innovation and quirky shoes or clothing, I do think the classic tall Ugg is a darn good investment piece that doesn't look like it's going to go out of style/become cheap or tacky any time soon.
Actually, the name says it all. They're "classic", comfortable, warm boots that will look adorable and keep your feet nice and toasty in the cold winter months. What more could you want?!
I'd probably team them with skinnies and a baggy boyfriend jumper with lots of layers, I'm freezing at the moment and dream of being warm this winter

Esmeraldaa said...

I would most definitely have to say that the Classic Cardy Boots are my favorite because they are so versatile! I could wear them with some uber dark jeans and a white tee with a cute motorcyle chick-esque jacket and wear my hair in a uber high slanted bun...or I could dress them up with a cute little dress (regardless of color), some flowery UO tights and a little hippy headband. Kind of hard to visualize, but I see the outfits so clearly in my mind :)

When I look at them the first thing I think about is comfort. Living in New York, comfort is something that we often lack when walking up and down the city going from place to place. When you do find comfort in shoes, you better hold on to those shoes and even buy a couple more !

here's my email : :)

Anonymous said...

I actually want the Dakota mocassins :) I have baby pink baby blue and black tall uggs (major wardrobe staple) but I really love the moccasins. I actually studied abroad with a girl who wore them and i was always jealous when i saw her with them. people i see IRL are my biggest fashion inspriation.

the moccasins look so cute with skinny jeans or even sweatpants if you are just running out on an errand. they dont look sloppy at all. I like the light tan color and the pink laces :) i would wear them with my dark jeans and an oversized sweater in a bright color :)

KayRN said...

Comfort and Style is major too me! I love Uggs because they offer both. I'm really loving the Classic Tall Boots in Navy because they're different and the color is super nice. I would pair it with a nice pair of skinny jeans and an oversized cable knit cardigan with a cute lace trim tank. You can't forget the skinny belt for this style. Shopbop + Uggs = Heaven!


PS: Happy Holidays <3

Eileen Marie said...

Out of what is available right now I would choose the Adirondack tall boots with the lace and fur on top. I have one pair of UGGS which are more for just walking around and these look like they can be worn for a long day and have a lot of support. The soles look great for hiking but they also look stylish enough to wear on the weekend with jeans as well. Lace ups are my fave.

Katelyn M said...

Happy Holidays. I'm so in love with Classic Argyle Knit Boots in Cream they look so dreamy and reminds me of the snow (which I love). I would wear them with a pair of Current Elliot Super Slouchy Skinny Jeans and a Vince Square tank. Can't forget outerwear for warmth I choose Madewell wooly blazer (love's it)!


Tank -

Blazer -

Uggs -


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this would be awesome! I love ShopBop and I've always wanted a pair of UGGs! I would *love* the UGG Australia Mayfaire Side Zip Boots. They're cute and super fashionable. I'd love to pair these with Juicy Couture Side Zip Denim Leggings, Jamison Fringe Scarf Sweater, and accessorize with Gorjana Double Scallop Hoops earrings and a Cleobella
Ikat Boho Sack bag. I call the look "comfy couture" ;) Thanks for the chance!!

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Couture Carrie said...

Love the UGG Classic Short Boot, because it goes with jeans or a minidress ~ so versatile and fabulous!
Thanks for hosting this fab contest, darling!


Stylista Fitness said...

The Roseberry Boots in espresso are my favorite. I like that it is different from the regular uggs. the simple laces give it oomph :)

Laura said...

I'm not usually an UGG person, but I'm in love with the short Adirondack II boots. I'd wear them with leggings and skirts, skinny jeans, and fitted sweaters and short jackets (it doesn't get that cold where I live). I'd wear them on rainy days and when it drops to 50 in Houston, to help me get into the holiday spirit!

carmen said...

Oh I love all the variety UGG offers--but my top pick would be the Elsey Tall Wedge Boots.

Having grown up in the Michigan winters, I am a pro when it comes to digging up a good pair of boots. These pass my test because they're an all-in-one boot: trendy and fashionable yet utilitarian with their warm shearling lining and wedge, which keeps the slush from attacking your pants hem!

I'd wear these (in brown, please) with a pair of skinny jeans to show off the lace-up detailing in front. With a vintage floral blouse, a thick sweater cardigan and a knit cloche hat, I'd wear these boots from the grocery store to a dinner-and-a-movie date night with the hubbie. And I'd never complain about being cold!

carmensechristjunk at gmail dot com

KP said...

I adore the Adirondack tall boot-I would wear it with the Alex Wine Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt, black leggings and a vintage cropped faux fur for a city meets ski town vibe xo