Oct 3, 2009

Twisted and Beautiful

I don't know if you guys have caught on to this yet, but lately I have been developing a growing obsession with jewelry. The bigger and the bolder, the better! So it should come as no shock that I have fallen in love with the jewelry brand Twisted and Beautiful!

New York City-based Twisted and Beautiful is designed by Lauren Cutrona, who custom-makes every piece of jewelry as it is ordered. Lauren's pieces have been spotted on celebs like Jessie of NYC Prep in the Wall Street Journal's Speak Easy blog and New York Magazine.

Twisted and Beautiful jewelry feature heavy chains, contrasting metals, and intricate designs. These pieces are not for the timid, but rather for those who want their jewelry to stand out among the crowd! The collection consists of heavy bracelets, necklaces, and even an all-in-one piece from their "Recession Collection" that can be used as a necklace, bracelet, or headband! Finding beauty in the midst of a recession - now that's something I can get behind!

If you are interested in checking out more pieces from Twisted and Beautiful, stop by the website - there is a necklace sale going on right now!


Lizzie said...

Those are so cool looking!

Timeless Fashion... said...

I think this season is very much about statement jewellery. Most designers have a giant neckpiece in their collection and all of them are amazing. I like your selection from Twisted and Beautiful; the last one is my fave. Thanks for your advice about the snood. Best xx

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

love the top left!!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend
<3 TBAG xxx

FashionJazz said...

Luv the jewelry!! Hope u are having a lovely weekend! xx

Cafe Fashionista said...

I have this absolute obsession with chain jewelry - especially when it is as statement inducing as these pieces. I will definitely be checking out more from Twisted and Beautiful - perhaps something from their Recession Collection will call out to me! :)

espi├Ęgle said...

oh my, these are some lovely ones!
+ thank god for sales. we all love them, don't we? ;)


Sherin said...

Ooo, I love these. Big and bold jewellery is fantastic.

Grace said...

I am in love!

Love Grace.

Sweet_Tooth said...

it is ALL about the jewelry right now (as per my latest post hehe), and I'm lovin every minute of it!

Especially, the really powerful chains -- such impact!

this sort of reminds of the chain mail stuff by that up and coming designer schiavoni


Niki said...

wow these are all awesome, i'm obsessed with collar and chain necklaces.


Raj said...

Ohh these are beautifull
I've had an obsession really with trying to layer up chain necklaces, this is lovelyy though

Salon Mystique said...

Great picks!I love layered chains, they add a little rock and roll to any outfit!


The Girl said...

Yay for Twisted and Beautiful!

innanyc1 said...

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