Oct 4, 2009

My Colorful Furry Friend

Tao Okamoto in Vogue Nippon Nov. 2009 (the all-Tao issue!)


JP said...

Okay... is it sad that the first thing I noticed was her fucking amazing nail polish?

These shots are amazing. Thanks for sharing!


Sweet_Tooth said...

Those green nails make my head spin (in the best way possible)!!


(p.s. just found your blog, you bring a fantastic perspective!)

geri hirsch said...

those green nails are dope! does anyone know the name of it?

Annie said...

I've never seen anything like those jackets before.
They are really pretty!

I love your blog, it's so inspirational.
I've linked and followed you!

love annie, xx

Ashley said...

I love the green shade of polish in the first pic. Amazing.

Ela said...

Oh the fabulous Hermes accessories certainly don't hurt!

Thanks for your sweet words, Ashley.
p.s. Love the new(new to me) profile pic!

Nubiasnonsense said...

OMG I really want a colored faux fur!! I only have a black one. These are so inspirational thanks!

Couture Carrie said...

I just adore colorful furs ~ gorgeous editorial!


KP said...

so amazing-loving that green

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Beautiful! I need to get myself some more fur for the winter!

Vestimentum said...

great photographs!