Jun 27, 2009

Shop It To Me baby!

Ready to save a few hours every week? Shop It To Me will do that for you! Shop It To Me is an online personal shopper that works for you to find sales on all of your favorite designers. How it works is that you select your favorite designers (Marc Jacobs, Elizabeth & James, Nine West, etc.), what types of clothing/accessories/shoes you are interested in, and your size, and Shop It To Me will scour the internet looking for the best sales on those designers in your size! You will then receive Salemails informing you about the sales, and you can select how often you want to receive these emails - if you're a shopaholic like me, daily is best, but you can also select weekly or biweekly. Shop It To Me is absolutely free, so what are you waiting for? Sign up here!


Grace said...


Thanks for sharing.

Love Grace.

Stacy said...

that's kind of amazing
thanks for telling us!

Unknown said...

I have shop it to me too, very helpful finds!