Jun 25, 2009

original fake

Tee: Hanes
Shorts: old, couldn't find a tag

Sorry to post so many pictures of myself in a row! I've been trying to keep myself away from shopping websites because I'm jobless and broke right now, so that has been resulting in a lot of basement scouring and DIYs. I actually found these shorts that I DIYed a few months back but had yet to wear, they're really comfortable and I'm glad they can now be in my summer rotation! This CC shirt is kind of done to death, but I still really like the idea of reclaiming pretentious logos. I might keep adding to this one until it's absurdly fake and hilarious - depends on how long it keeps my interest.

Anyways, how are you all doing in this heat? It's awful, but at the same time I'm so glad that summer is here!!!


.cocobutterlipbalm said...

love your look -your blog is really quirky and cute, I'd really appreciate if you would check out my blog and become a follower -

A Stylized Hysteria said...

You did a great job- it looks awesome as is!

Anonymous said...

So clever. I bet you could sell a few of those!

Damsels said...

not much heatover here
cant wait to see DIY
We Were Damsels

Miss. Ore said...

great blog!!

hippyhippychic said...

haha i too am trying to find distractions to stop me spending, and your blog is a good one!
love the tee
(: x