Jun 25, 2009


Dana-Maxx Pomerantz has been causing a bit of a stir in the blog-o-sphere lately, with writeups about her collections popping up on and, as well as being featured in WWD. Perhaps it's the flirtatious quality of the dresses, or maybe it's the glamorous, timeless feel of the deigns. Whatever it is, Dana-Maxx's collections are in high demand!

Dana-Maxx's designs are ideal for the style-conscious, fashion-forward woman who is looking for high-quality pieces that are feminine, glam, and sophisticated. Much like the designer herself, these clothes are made for women who are strong, sexy, fun, and fearless! I got to chat with Dana-Maxx about her new Fall/Winter collection, titled "Sex, Love, and Heartbreak", what it was like working with Betsey Johnson and Marc Jacobs, and more! Read on...

How did you break in to the fashion industry?
I studied fashion design in high school and took classes at The Fashion Institute of Technology on the weekends. I went to FIT for college, majoring in fashion design, and during my time there I interned at Betsey Johnson. Soon thereafter I worked at Betsey full time, followed by freelancing at Marc Jacobs, until I be
gan my own company in 2007.

What was it like working with Betsey Johnson and Marc Jacobs?
Interning and working at Betsey Johnson was definitely a dream come true! When I interned there, I was so passionate about learning as much as I could and taking on any task they asked of me. Whether it was getting coffee or redesigning a skirt with Betsey herself, I treated each project as if it were the greatest thing that happened to me.
When I worked at Betsey Johnson, I had the amazing privilege of working one-on-one with Betsey herself. I admired how humble and real she was; she treated interns with the same amount of respect as her creative director. I was truly a "Betsey Girl"- as we use to call it; I loved the fun atmosphere and loved working in design! Working at Marc Jacobs was great too! I got to see how differently the company was run from my previous experience. It taught me that there isn't just one way of doing a job well done!

How did you decide you wanted to start your own line?
Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I use to have a pretend store setup in my bedroom. My customers were my stuffed animals and I would sit and sketch clothing for them and take orders. Who knew that is exactly what I would be doing 20 years later! Fashion was always in my blood- I would sleep it, eat it, and dream it. I could not wait to make that dream a reality one day.

Could you explain a bit about the inspiration behind your Fall/Winter collection "Sex, Love, and Heartbreak"?

The Fall/Winter 2009 collection was inspired by love gained and love lost and the struggles we face in this economy. The collection is moody and a bit edgy. Each collection I create has a definite inspiration and is an extension of me.

Do you have a favorite piece from your Fall/Winter collection?
My favorite piece is probably the Felix Ring Dress because I love party dresses and this is a great take on a classic silhouette with modern detailing. When I was creating the dress, I was thinking that about how much people love to accessorize their clothing. I thought why not create a dress that looks like it has a necklace and a set in belt? It's like 3 pieces in one! The great thing is that the 'necklace' and 'belt' is that they are made from genuine metallic lamb leather, so it gives it a great sparkle and edge.

Are your designs currently sold online?

We have a lot of people asking when they will be able to order clothing on our website. In a month customers will finally be able to purchase their favorite Dana-Maxx styles online! Check out Until then, please email with your order.


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You always have such great interviews!

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Love Dana-Maxx designs! So glam, wearable and special. Thanks for the great interview with the designer!!

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Oh, what a dream place to start at BJ then to Marc Jabobs. :-)