May 11, 2009

The Big Swap

Dress + Vest: Vintage
Shoes: Forever 21

There is one positive about the end of the semester - the Big Swap! Everyone dumps off their unwanted clothes, shoes, furniture, and anything else they don't want to take home for summer, and if you see anything you like you can pick it up for free! I found this amazing, kinda ugly leather vest at the Swap, I think it needs a ton of studs or something. What would you guys do with a plain leather vest? I'm taking suggestions!

By the way, it is soooo hard to do work when it's this beautiful outside. I kinda wish it would go back to being rainy and dreary so I could concentrate on work!


AlixRose said...

Love the dress and vest. The sun is also so amazing in these pictures. It makes me want to go outside too.

ClandestineChic said...

Love the entire outfit! It looks so pretty and summery outside! Congrats on the end of the semester!

Anonymous said...

Love the entire outfit as a whole! Plus, it looks so lovely outside. Congrats on the end of the semester!

freeteyme said...

Yay for end of semester! I agree, studs will look great on the vest. Enjoy the summer gorgeous!

Mina said...

wow i love your style. your boots and vest are amazing. u look incresibly chic!

Anonymous said...

great dress

Delikate Rayne said...

Love the leather vest!

tdw said...

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