Apr 26, 2009

Shigoto Fashion: Samurai Chic

Out of Tokyo comes Shigoto Fashion, designed by Jasper Momma and Mibu Minami. "Shigoto" translates to "work", as the line was inspired by the clothing worn by Japanese construction workers and ancient samurai. Why construction workers and samurai? According to the designers, "ancient samurai warriors apparel allowed them to be fast and fierce. Just like today, the clothes of the warriors were a key part to their success that allowed them to survive their environment and defeat their enemies with the utmost confidence."

All Shigoto pieces are designed and manufactured in Japan and are hand-woven with authentic materials. Jasper and Mibu are committed to staying true to Japan and its history. In fact, in the mission statement, they write:
"The company hopes to succeed in conceptualizing a new phenomenon: engaging people into history through fashion. Momma and Minami hope to bring Japan's history, as well as its unique, trend-worthy apparel to the rest of the world. Who could have predicted that ancient samurais would be bringing the most cutting-edge fashions to the international marketplace? Shigoto Fashion will continue to strive to stay true to this tradition, but always look boldly into the future."
The current Shigoto collection is comprised of both menswear and womenswear, with pants, shoes, t-shirts, and accessories as the focus. Soon Shigoto will be sold at select retailers in the US, but until then you can check out the collection at Shigoto's website.


Dream Sequins said...

Those are pretty cool. I wonder how they drape? Are they stiff cotton or do they bunch up?

Ashley said...

On the site, it says "The bottom ends will embrace your calves, whereas the wider part will hang over your calves trying to reach for the ground. This will create the 'balloon-shaped' look of the pants. If you have a slimmer cut you'll have the inflated part a bit higher up, above the calves. If you choose a wider cut you can either pull the inflated part down to the ground to create the original 'Tobi-look'. Or you can pull it up to make the 'balloon' start half way up your calves." Soooo, I think that means that different cuts will differ in stiffness, so the smaller bubbled pants may be more stiff, and the large bubbled ones will be more flowy and fall toward the ground more. But to be sure, you can always email and ask:

Hope that helped a little bit!

Aline said...

cool stuff!

Leigh said...

Those pants!!! I dig!