Apr 20, 2009

Organ Pump

Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Tank: Forever 21
Shorts: Macy's

Boots: Nine West
Necklace + Clutch: Eryn Brinie

Friday night my BF and I went to the midnight Organ Pump at my school. Organ Pump is a nighttime performance by the organists from the Conservatory, mixed with funny skits and things. It was my first Organ Pump, I figured I should check it out before I graduate. The music was incredible, the skits were, um, interesting... Anyhow, I included a picture of the organ because it is epic! It has 4,014 pipes, is 38 feet tall, weighs 45,000 lbs., and is worth $1,185,000. Craziness!

Also, I'm sorry for the random picture in the mailroom, we checked our mail on the way to the Organ Pump and I wanted to take a quick outfit pic in case I forgot to take a better one later... which I did. Oops.


Freya said...

wow, love the clutch and necklace. The Organ Pump sounds amazing .

Frankie said...

Wow, that is one amazing organ! Also I clearly need some shorts x

Aline said...

you look fabulous!

that organ is huge!!

Denisa L said...

looking great!!!

SwanDiamondRose said...

nice outfit :) and i dig the background. nice gold tiny purse! and wow that organ is astounding. i love organs.

freeteyme said...

Gorgeous! Love the gold clutch!