Apr 19, 2009

Target's Fast Fashion

Have you all been keeping up with the Target Go! lines lately? I completely forgot about them until I stumbled onto Target's website earlier today to check out the Loomstate collection. Loomstate kind of disappointed me, so I started clicking around and came across Target's most recent Go! collection, aptly title "Fast Fashion". All of the pieces are under $50, and Target did a great job of keeping up with recent trends. They have their own version of the popular harem pants, which are less drop-crotch and a nice safe choice for those (like myself) who are a little uncomfortable with all of the Aladdin-references they get when they wear more extreme harem pants. Target also has a wonderful Balmain-inspired vest for only $35! You can check out the vest in motion on Melissa of Fashion Trend Guide. Hot, right? And can't forget about the black drawstring jumpsuit, it'd be so easy to throw that on, add some jewelry, and be out the door in less than 5 minutes looking incredibly chic. Target, I am sorry I strayed, but this collection has definitely brought me back to you! You can check out the whole collection here.


InnyVinny said...

You know...I saw the vest the last time I was in Target but was so caught up in buying cat litter that I didn't explore it further. I would have bought the jumpsuit if I'd seen it.

Aline said...

they are coming out so quickly....I need to check in more often as well!

creaturesandanimals said...

ugh X) I need to go shopping again haha