Apr 12, 2009

Interview with Sarah of Rice and Beans Vintage

Rice and Beans Vintage is an independent online store that features vintage and designer goods at incredible prices. Offering items from Chanel, Gucci, Ferragamo, Lanvin, YSL, and more, Rice and Beans Vintage is one of the premier online vintage clothing stores. Just this past weekend there was a private vintage Chanel sale for email subscribers, and if you sign up for their email list you'll be in the know for future sales! I got to talk with the owner of Rice and Beans Vintage, Sarah Korsiak Cellier, and she answered a bunch of questions about what it's like to run a vintage clothing store and more! She also generously offered readers of Breakfast at Saks a 15% off discount code, good for anything on the site! Just enter "BREAKFAST" at checkout. Happy shopping!

What is the significance of the name "Rice and Beans Vintage"?
The name Rice and Beans Vintage actually comes out a nickname that I was given a few years back, Ms. Rice and Beans. Essentially the name Rice and Beans Vintage describes a free spirit, someone who loves to play around with fashion, and has a little bit of sass!

Why did you decide to start an online vintage and designer clothing store?
I've always been passionate about fashion and putting together outfits. I began dealing in vintage 6 years ago. I started on eBay and eventually wanted more so I started Rice and Beans Vintage after the birth of my son. It is
definitely my creative outlet. I was going to be an Acupuncturist but decided to deal in Vintage instead and I'm glad I did! Rice and Beans Vintage is a place for hybrid fashionistas, people like me who love to mix current designer pieces with vintage. I hope we have something for everyone.

Where do you find the pieces that you sell in your online store?
Ahh...the question, well I can tell you that I have been amazingly lucky to build such a great collection of vintage and designer pieces. Rice and Beans Vintage is not a consignment store and I handpick each piece you see in stock. That said I do have a few very special pieces that I sell for people, because I just couldn't pass them up!

What criteria do you have when choosing what vintage pieces to buy and sell?
There are a few things I look for when choosing a piece of Vintage or Designer clothing for Rice and Beans Vintage. First, I love fabric, so the material is very important to me. Condition is huge, the piece must be in very good to excellent condition. I also choose pieces that are classic while always paying attention to current and up and coming trends!

What have been your favorite pieces that you have seen come through your store?
Oh, there are so many! I have a soft spot for Vintage Gucci and I still think about a Vintage 70's Gucci Saddle Bag that sold, I think I shed a little tear. I really love every piece at Rice and Beans Vintage.

Do you have any advice as to how a person should go about incorporating vintage clothes into their wardrobe?
Definitely go for it! Incorporating vintage into your wardrobe should be fun. It's really important that you love the piece and that it caught your eye. Take liberties and make it your own. If you are just starting to incorporate vintage and you're not sure how, start with an accessory. Try a fantastic Vintage 70's Platform sandal with a modern dress or add a Vintage Designer handbag to your look. Once you start you'll know what's right for you.


Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

What a great site - thanks for letting us know about it girl! Some of those pieces look fantastic xx

freeteyme said...

Great interview! Will definitely check out the site =)

Frankie said...

What an AMAZING shop! I am now a fan x

Aline said...

Great interview and thanks for the discount code!

InnyVinny said...

I did not need to know about this site. =D

MizzJ said...

lol me neither! I'm beginning to see the allure of vintage clothing, some of these pieces are fantastic!