Feb 26, 2009

Yves Saint Laurent Sale on Rue La La Tomorrow!

Thank you all for your well wishes, you're all so sweet! I'm still feeling pretty sick, I laid in bed most of today, but I just had to muster up the strength to let you all know that there is a YSL sale at Rue La La tomorrow (Friday) starting at 11am! The preview picture for the sale shows a bag, sunglasses, and most importantly, SHOES! How amazing would it be to get a pair of those babies on sale? Anyways, I'm sure by now most of you fashion gurus belong to Rue La La, but if you need an invitation just email me or leave a reply to this post with your email address, and I'll make sure to invite you before 11am tomorrow. The sale will go until March 2nd at 11am, but I'm sure it will sell out before then. Be sure to come back and tell me what you buy!


ED-O said...

Talk about dedication, being sick and updating your blog to tell us about a sale. haha. Posts like this make me wish there were more things for menswear/accessories out there.


Fashion Luvr said...

Don't forget, Salvatore Ferragamo is on rue lala tomorrow :)