Feb 19, 2009

Backstage at Marc by Marc Jacobs F/W 09.10

Runway fashions you could actually see yourself wearing in the real world? Ya don't say. The Marc by Marc Jacobs F/W 09.10 show at New York Fashion Week was full of separates that will be flying off the racks next year, due to their immense wearability (is that a word?). There was even legit winter boots mixed in - no super-high heel, no crazy lacing or straps, just flat, waterproof, chic winter boots! Much better than your old Sorel's, don't you think?

However, my favorite part of looking through pictures from the show was the bags. Supple leather, functional designs, rich colors - they're everything you could want in an investment piece! Everyone is talking about the economy and how we need to be spending wisely, well, any of these bags would definitely be a wise investment! The designs are timeless, and I could see these bags looking just as chic 10 years from now!

Also of note are the accessories - I love the bow bracelet in the above picture, I wonder if that couldn't be a nice DIY project for a more talented individual than myself? Calling all Etsy designers! There was also adorable hats (that I could definitely see on Ms. Blair Waldorf), crazy tights paired with oversized wool socks, and scarves of different shapes and sizes.

This collection is very Marc Jacobs, and many people (at least on TFS) have argued that it is better than the Marc Jacobs main line show a few days ago. I think there is a place for both shows, as the lines are so different (and so differently priced!). I really loved the crazy neons and metallics of the Marc Jacobs show, but I can see myself actually saving up and buying more pieces from this Marc by Marc Jacobs show. What do you think? Do you prefer the Marc Jacobs F/W collection or this Marc by Marc Jacobs one? Any favorite pieces? Be sure to check out the entire collection at

Pics from Paris Vogue


Denisa L said...

ohh besides the bags love the dresses,indeed very wearable!
very nice colors,

Anonymous said...

love that dress in the main photo!