Jan 10, 2009

Studded Nation

White tee- Urban Outfitters
Grey Jeans- Macy's
Boots- Colin Stuart (Victoria's Secret)
Earrings- Urban Outfitters

Been mostly bumming around the apartment for the past few days, however I wanted to take a pic to show off the amazing shoes my boyfriend got me for Christmas. They are the Colin Stuart studded boots that pretty much every fashion blogger had this fall, and I have loved them for sooooo long... I can't believe I now own them! To be honest, they are incredibly uncomfortable, but I'm wearing them around the apartment as much as possible to break them in. They're so lovely to look at...

Also, tonight we watched the Cavs/Celtics game, and the Cavs won! So I'm pumped, despite my expression in the above picture. Lebron James is incredible, and if you aren't normally interested in sports, I recommend you watch the pre-game shows just to see the fashions worn by the players as they enter the arena - those men know how to dress! Check out my post on Dwyane Wade (from the Miami Heat) and expect future posts about Lebron and others.

A few of my favorite things...


Anonymous said...

I love those boots! I've been eyeing them for sometime as well, they may just have to be mine. Thanks for the commen. Is the Influence book any good?

Ashley said...

You should get them! Last time I checked they were on sale for 50% off (part of the semi-annual sale, I think it's still going on?). And I loooove Influence, but I've mostly just been looking at the pictures and reading a few pages here and there, I haven't gotten to read it through cover-to-cover yet.