Jan 23, 2009

Skirts for Spring

Even though we have a while to go until Spring, lately I have found myself drawn to skirts and dresses that are made for warm weather. Right now, I have to wear them with thick tights or leggings, but I am awaiting the day that I can wear them alone with sandals and tanks! I am especially fond of colorful skirts, with thick brushstrokes and abstract designs, in shorter lengths. Check out some of my picks of skirts for the impending Spring season below - and let me know if you have found yourself stocking up for the Spring already, I know I have!


Anonymous said...

not even kidding, i was seriously JUST looking at that pucci skirt on eluxury. I finally put up a pic of me wearing the marc hat (in black) if you wanted to see haha:

and that first skirt is amazing.

Ashley said...

We are so kindred spirits lol!

Christina said...

I LOVE the first 'watercolour' skirt. It is so beautiful.
Christina x

Ashley said...

I love it too! That one may be my favorite out of the bunch.

O HAI said...

love that elizabeth and james skirt.
and I would have bought that watercolor skirt from Urban if they had my size!

Ashley said...

Oh no, I hadn't realized that skirt was selling out so quickly! They don't have my size left either, bummer. I shouldn't procrastinate so much on my purchases!