Jan 11, 2009

Kate Bosworth: Don't forget your undies in this dress!

Don't worry, this isn't a picture of Kate Bosworth walking around LA. It's from the latest issue of Tank Magazine, from a photoshoot with Todd Cole. The pics are beautiful, in my humble opinion, styled wonderfully. But what do you think of the sheer bottoms? Would you rock this look? It's very reminicent of Carrie Bradshaw, except instead of being sheer on top it's flipped. I could see this possibly filtering down to high street fashion... and that frightens me! Check out another (nsfw) pic from this set at Fashion Copious.

Pics from Fashion Copious


Anonymous said...

The sheer trend scares me a little bit! Especially the idea of sheer on the bottom but perhaps that's because I don't have Kate's body.

Christina said...

I think it looks great, it could be made more wearable with much bigger knickers, The super ones that hold you all in would be alright. Then it could be fine. Alexader Wang style shorts under it would look amazing I think.

Christina x

Ashley said...

@ Trendology: I bet you could pull it off! But you're right, very few people have the perfect body of a celeb - or the Photoshop experts to make it look perfect!

@ Christina: I hadn't thought of that, I bet it would look cute with little black boyshorts or something like that under it- something a little bigger than just panties!

MizzJ said...

Hmm I dunno, I think even with shorts it would still be a bit too underwear-esque. Man she has such a perfect face!