Jan 11, 2009


Tank/Dress- Gap
Tights- Marshall's
Boots- Colin Stuart (Victoria's Secret)

Necklace- Margo Morrison

It has snowed more than a foot in the past day, so I feel the need to tell you that I didn't wear just this outside. Add a couple sweaters, jacket, scarf, hat, and 2 pairs of gloves and you get a better idea of what I have to wear just to go check my mail. However, it is beautiful outside. I love fresh, clean snow before the cars drive through it and the trucks come through dropping salt and sand, when it is still perfectly white and untouched. And check out the icicles that were hanging outside the kitchen window this morning - one of them had to be more than 2 feet long! Winter is so lovely, well, everything except the temperatures.

I have also realized I need to add more color to the outfits I wear every day. It's not that I don't own anything in colors, I just seem to always stick to the white/black/grey palette, it's the easiest to match and just throw on before I leave the house. But I have resolved this year to embrace colors, and I aim to stick to that resolution! Any suggestions on how to ease color back into my wardrobe?


WendyB said...

A brightly colored purse is easy to carry off, especially if you've got all neutrals on.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the advice! I always forget about bags, I have a big grey one and a little white one I usually switch between, but that would be a good place to start incorporating color!

MizzJ said...

Those boots are awesome! Hmm the best way to incorporate color into your wardrobe is just to jump right in! Accessories are a great start, but I also think a bunch of simple bright colored tees are good layering pieces to bring in some color.

Btw thanks for the comment on my blog!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely try out brightly colored accessories, and layering seems like a great way to ease my way back into colors.

Unknown said...

for me, i like to plan certain outfits in advance, so maybe plan a bright item/accessory for a coffee date with friends to start?

Ashley said...

Good call, I like to plan *important* outfits in advance too, so I should purposely plan color into them!