Jan 21, 2009

Ann Demeulemeester Boots

I have recently become obsessed with these Ann Demeulemeester lace-up boots, ever since I saw them on the Saks website with another obsession-worthy piece, the Alexander Wang baggy sweater. How insanely hot are these boots? I love the lacing all the way up the boot, and how the laces wrap around the ankle a million times at the top. They seem difficult to put on, but once they're on I doubt you'll want to take them off. They seem like they'd be pretty comfortable too, as the heel is stacked and only 4 inches tall (I say only because I've been teetering around in 5+ inch heels lately and they are rough!). Of course, I'd need to get the Wang sweater too, because they just go so well together... there goes $1300!Pics from Saks

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shopdiary said...

Hey, check this out:

Free People's version looks very similar to the Ann Ds.