Oct 29, 2008

Must Buy: Ankle Boots

So I've been obsessing about new ankle boots lately. I know I just bought tall grey boots from Target but those were only $30 so I still have some cash left. But, I never realized how hard it is to find cheap and cute boots! And by cheap I'm talking about $100-120 or less... of course, I'd prefer that they be leather and have some style to them, so maybe that is asking too much? Anyways, I found a few, but none of them fit the bill of being both cute and wearable through the long, wet winter. So the search continues...Nine West Cuzza, $110, in black, dark brown, dark grey, or natural leather
Out of the few boots that meet my criteria, these are a favorite. They were recently seen on the feet of Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl, as a part of her new bad-girl style of dress, and they looked so hot! I'm just not sure I'd be able to pull them off without looking like I'm trying too hard to be bad-ass... I'm definitely not naturally a bad-ass! An added bonus is that all sale shoes at Nine West are an additional 20% off, making these just $88. I'm going to have to think on these, because they are an excellent deal - they were originally $149!

Griselda, $173, in black leather
These hot booties are from Italian Heels
, and I'm absolutely in love with the studded detail. I've been obsessing over studded boots ever since Mary-Kate and Ashley were spotted wearing their Christian Louboutin's. However, the heel is so small that I wouldn't be able to wear these around campus, or anytime I'd have to do much walking, and the shipping/handling from Italy to Ohio is insane. But if you love studs (like I do), check out Free People, there is a whole section of studded shoes on their website.
Seychelles Lou Bootie, $98, in black and grey leather
These are another option, the stacked heel allows for easier walking through snow and ice, while the buttons and antiqued leather make for a unique look. I'm just not sure how the leather will look in person - it has a high possibility of looking cheap, and who wants that when they're paying $100? However, if the leather looks nice, these will be high on my list of boots to buy. I'll have to try to find them in an Urban Outfitters store.

Jasper Ankle Boot, $148, in brown suede
Oh I love these so much! I love the stacked, curved heel, I love the buckle on the side, I love the runching, and I love that they would make me 4 1/2 inches taller without looking horribly uncomfortable! However, I don't really need another pair of suede boots, because they do not hold up well through snow and slush (even with waterproofing, I've never had much luck), and I was hoping to get black boots, and these don't come in black. I don't know, maybe I should give these a shot, they do make my heart all fluttery, and that's what fashion is all about isn't it?

I'll probably post more boot options later, but please leave comments on any ankle booties you have or want to have! I would love suggestions!

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