Apr 29, 2010

Three Blondes Jewelry

Three Blondes is a jewelry line established in 2008 by Summer Rej and Jennifer Meyers. Both raised in NYC, the girls have created a collection of jewelry and accessories that reflect the city they call home. The pieces mesh Upper East Side delicate beauty with Downtown-style chunky chains and oversized crystals, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that really are like no other jewelry you own! Already featured on VogueTV and The Fashion Spot, Three Blondes is an up-and-coming label that you're going to want to get to know!

A few months ago I was offered the opportunity to check out the gorgeous jewelry and accessories of Three Blondes, as well as interview the designers, Summer and Jen. The lovely ladies sent over "The Independent", a gorgeous black crystal and gold necklace, and "The Gala", black crochet gloves with intricate gold beading (both seen above). They were also kind enough to answer a bunch of questions - read on to learn more about Three Blondes Jewelry!

How did you two meet, and how did you decide to create a line of jewelry together?
We met our freshman year of high school when we attended The Calhoun School in New York. We
bonded in English class, sharing notes and study questions, but also chatting over clothes we had just picked up from little boutiques near Calhoun - this was back in 1999, when our closets included Miss Sixty, Buggirl, Steve Madden (we both had multiple pairs of the same shoes!), ANY logo tees by Junk Food, Paul Frank or E.Vil, with some Kate Spade or Prada accessories and brands such as Tocca mixed in. We ultimately became the best of friends. We formed a small t-shirt company (imagine lots of logos and embellishments) while we were in college and realized we worked well as business partners, brainstorm ideas that we both believe in, and listen to each others opinions. We also gained experience working internships and jobs in the fashion and art communities which inspired us to create something of our own which would serve as a creative outlet. We also have tons of fun and laughs working together, which is necessary to counter the hard work and endless hours that go into running a business, especially when you are executing each component on your own, as we are. We realized that there was such room for creativity within the world of jewelry and accessories. Since jewelry and hair accessories have always been wardrobe staples of the utmost importance to each of us, we decided to parlay our efforts in that direction. Years later, we're still the best of friends and are so excited with what's in store with Three Blondes currently and in the future. We hope for big things and have grand plans in mind!

Where do you look to for inspiration in your designs?
Everywhere - living in New York, some of the greatest inspiration comes from individuals walking down the street, store windows, landmarks. Our brand identity centers around the concept that the wearer is a chic, hip woman who is at the forefront of fashion and is a confident individualist in how she presents herself. A 3B necklace or headband is an added element that works with her overall look, compliments and represents her, plus serves as a conversation piece. Many of our pieces were inspired by great female icons of the past - style trendsetters who were not afraid to push the envelope. Many of our friends share that trait, and we even named some of our pieces after friends who inspire us and represent the 3B woman. Inspiration comes from everywhere: film, music, photography, interior design. In fact, we utilize crystals from real chandeliers and hope these pieces offer the same effect as a true chandelier - that extra element that instantly transforms a setting, sets a mood, and adds beautiful luxury and elegance to anything it touches.

What are your favorite pieces that you have created so far?
Within each category, we have a few favs. From our chandelier necklaces, we love love "The Bold" and "The Sparkle." Love our chandelier wrap bracelet, available with assorted ribbons. "The Gala" gloves in black and gold are a major fav since the black/gold color combo is something we've turned to for years. Similarly, "The Little Black Bow" necklace, simple gold wooden beads with a bow-tie closure, goes great with a little cocktail dress but could also be paired with jeans and a blazer. "The Icon" headband in both black and white styles is also versatile as it can be worn as a headband or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet.

Who have you been most excited to see your jewelry on? And what celebrity would you most like to see in your designs?
We'd love to see our jewelry on those who have developed their own amazing and unique sense of style. The style icons of today who inspire the masses; girls who aren't afraid to go all out and be glamorous, daring, and original. It would be the ultimate compliment to see Alexa Chung, Georgia Jagger, Leighton Meester, Rachel Zoe, Alexandra von Furstenberg, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen wearing a piece from the 3B collections. Of course, we hope to soon see ALL of our friends in NYC decked out in our designs. And you, too!

A huge thanks to Summer and Jen for the opportunity to check out their jewelry and chat with them! If you'd like to shop the designs of Three Blondes Jewelry, they are currently available online at ShopThreeBlondes.com, and at Clyde's Chemists at 926 Madison Ave (@ 74th Street) in NYC!


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