Apr 14, 2009

Welcome to the Lonely Hearts Club

Another brand from "down under" has been on my radar lately, this one from New Zealand. Lonely Hearts Club was started in 2003 by Aimee McFarlane and Helene Morris and features items ranging from frilly lace dresses to leather bondage-esque harnesses. The original concept of Lonely Hearts Club was to make street wear with original graphics, but according to designer Helene, "we got sick of just doing t-shirts pretty quickly". She and Aimee decided to diversify their collection by adding hoodies, dresses, jackets, and more, and were pleased with the results.

The S/S 09 collection by Lonely Hearts is called "Add It Up", and fuses lace and leather, shredded cotton with mesh, and basically everything that is wonderful about fashion! Underwear becomes outerwear, and a bra with a leather jacket becomes a perfectly acceptable, crazily chic ensemble! The styling is just - I hate to say the word -
fierce in the pics of this collection, it really makes me want every piece.

Lonely Hearts Club is currently being sold online at
General Cucumber and in stores across NZ and Australia (check for locations here).


Frankie said...

I love the styling of this shoot. Clearly I need to go to Australia! x

Betsey Jennifer said...

oh wow this line is spectacular. I'm in love with that plaid zipper dress they've got.
totally going to be sharing this on my blog as well.


Aline said...

such cool stuff!

Unknown said...

I should live in Australia......Love all the outfits and a cool line title. I swear everywhere i go there are Beatles refrences, which is awesome because I love them :)

Freya said...

wow, cool brand. I love the outfits

Dream Sequins said...

Yes, please! I'm totally linking to this. I am pretty much in love with the idea of sheer layers for summer. The purple lace tunic is amaaaazing.

InnyVinny said...

Wow; nice line. I like the "laziness" of it; very effortless.

And thanks for coming by and entering! =)

MizzJ said...

My fav is the purple tunic, love that color and the lacy appeal. I'm so impressed by Aussie designers and I have to agree that fierce is the best word to describe these designs! If you don't like that word though, isn't Tyra trying to get everyone to say 'disgusting' now or something equally silly? lol

noone said...

I love how the stockings does with everything :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm, lonely Hearts are from New Zealand. They also own one of the coolest stores in the southern hemisphere called Myhart.