Oct 20, 2008


Welcome to my blog! I decided to jump right in with the first post, documenting some of the stuff I'm consuming right now. I love clothes and fashion, and I will admit to being a slave to the consumer society I live in. So this blog is a tribute to all those girls and guys out there just like me! I will be blogging about my recent purchases, things I want to buy, things I suggest you all check out, and whatever else is relevant. I will be using my BF for a male perspective on consumption from time to time, but he is definitely not as big of a consumer as I am, so his posts will be fewer and far between. So I thank you all for checking out my blog, and please do come back as I will be adding more and more features as I go along. Onto the post...

1) I am in love with socks lately. I'm not sure if it's because it's starting to get cold and my feet are freezing but right now my feeling is the more sock the better! So of course these ridiculously high socks from American Apparel must be mine.

2) I wish I had the income for the Givenchy Gladiator bootie (check them out at Barneys, to die for), but I'm still in college and soon will be buried under debt, so these Steve Maddens will have to do for now.

3) Blame Blair Waldorf, she's brought back the cape! Whether you're an Upper East Side princess or not, I suggest you check out with this beauty from Tibi at Shopbop.

4) Grey skinny jeans may not be super-current, but they are definitely sticking around for a few more seasons. Check out the Rachel Skinny Jeans by William Rast, but if you can't afford them (I know I can't), Macy's has some great budget versions over here.

5) Again, not an exciting purchase, but you gotta have some basic v-neck tees to go with your skinny jeans, and where better to buy them then American Apparel?

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