Jul 31, 2013

Transitional dressing

It might be a little early to call this a "transitional" season, but after a stretch of 90 degree days the 60s and 70s feel pretty close to freezing. I actually brought some of my sweaters out of hiding this past week - yes I know, I'm weak. Maybe I should move down south?

Anyhow, the Fall lookbooks are starting to drop and I'm welcoming the outfit inspiration - why wait until September to wear woolly socks and scarves when you're cold now? I'm sure I'll be eating those words once the dog days of summer set in.

How do you guys dress for these awkward, not-too-warm, not-too-cool days between summer and fall?


Kas and Blue said...

Great suggestions!!


miasmode said...

Yes that's the way I dress but right now it's pretty hot over here :D

xx Mira

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous looks!
I need that striped skirt!


Unknown said...

Haha, I thought it was just me--I actually had the heat going in the office yesterday. I wear so many sweatshirts that it doesn't really matter what season is, I always have something warm to wear as my ex likes to say, my thermometer is broken and I'm always cold. Love that last black leather jacket so much!
xo Mary Jo

Deborah D said...

Great advices,love this post!


Kate said...

These are perfect transitional outfits. I love it. I'm good with light sweater and some socks right now, but I'll be moving into my blazers and jackets soon enough.

Kate from Clear the Way

liesbeth (candyandtreats) said...

I LOVE transitional dressing! After I'm bored with my limited summer wardrobe (no need for an extended one in Belgium ;-) ), transitional dressing always feels so fresh!
But first...enjoying the long awaited sun a little longer :-D


AVY said...

I try to wear as little as possible, it's the only thing that feels right.


Fashion-Bridge said...

I can't believe we already heading for fall:( but you have some great tips for transition dressing:)



Peet said...

Here it's so frigging hot that when you mentioned socks I literally flinched.:D Layering is always a good thing to do when the seasons change, because then you can just take stuff off or put back on if you get warm or chilly. At least that's what I do.:)

Chicago Chic said...

Love the layering for Fall transition! These looks are great!


Unknown said...

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Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

ah, love it! Layering is my favorite part of fall, together with the return of boots and scarves! LOVE.