Oct 28, 2012

Calm before the storm

Just wanted to do a quick post before the power outages and chaos that is supposedly on the way with hurricane Sandy. I hope all of my east coast followers stay safe in the storm - fingers crossed it's all hype! 

These pictures take me back to a simpler time, a few days ago when I was wandering around Central Park with my boyfriend and a pumpkin spice latte - my two favorite things! I love the park when the leaves start changing colors and falling to the ground, Fall is the most beautiful time to be in the city.


Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh that jacket looks so comfy! :D

MILEX said...

pure love.

Helen said...

Love the jacket. It looks so warm. ^_~

Unknown said...

Love this.

Boyfriends and pumpkin spice lattes
Would make a good song. Tay swift should take note ;)

This jacket literally looks like THE most comfortable piece of clothing ever made. I'd probably just end up wearing it to bed as a blanket.

Great fall outfit. tHe jacket and leggings go well together and are ideal for the change in season

2013 prom dresses said...

wow! Love your pictures and also the dresses!

Miriam said...

watching the news right now where they talking about Sandy. hope you'll be safe and that it won't cause any huge damage <3

The Garage Starlets said...

Love your fury jacket and the leggings :)


Michello said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
Love your outfit, especially the jacket. So fab!


Isabella said...

Those leggings are really fun! nice blog!

Liesbeth (candyandtreats) said...

Great legging and cute coat!
I would love to be in NY some time but not now :-S I do hope you are all safe over there. Good to hear from you before the storm hits. Be safe and post again soon!


Anonymous said...

I love your hair and jacket! so cute!

xx. Hybrid Hunter

follow each other?

miasmode said...

Really stlyish look. Esp love the jacket <3


Vogue Villain said...

I love your leggings!!
You look so cozy :)

Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

Ashley, I hope you don't mind me asking, but have you lost weight? You look like you have. And you look lovely, as always! Love the boots, and the shots are just gorg.

I hope you are safe and Sandy hasn't made too much of a mess at your place!

Unknown said...

I love your jacket and want it! I really hope that you are ok in the wake of Sandy, the chaos/destruction was just unbelievable! You're so right, there is nothing prettier than fall in nyc--being on the west coast where it's still in the high 80s it's harder to appreciate fall :)
xo Mary Jo

Allison said...

Love the print on your leggings! And that jacket is awesome! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog--I really hope that we can keep in touch!!
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Maria Bastida said...

ohh central park looking green and beautiful! not like now :(

Mica said...

Hope you were safe with the storm!

Mitha Komala said...

awesome jacket and shoes dear! you look so chic and stunning xx

Letters To Juliet

Mimi said...

the last photo is so beautiful! and i am loving your comfy casual outfit! :D

p.s. i hope you and all your loved ones are safe from the storm!

<3, Mimi
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The Key To Chic said...

I hope you are doing well after the storm! Your jacket looks so cozy! Wishing you the best Ashley!

Unknown said...

those leggins are fierce!

xo SideSmile,

SideSmile Style

Morgan said...

Ahhh you're blogging again! I missed your updates! Those leggings are seriously amazing. I hope you're doing well after the crazy hurricane.

Rebecca said...

Truly awesome Fall images....currently enjoying your blog! Kisses from Los Angeles!!!


Fashion Is, Fashion Will Be said...

the tights rock


Cashmeremafia said...

great outfit!!! i follow you now ;)
i would love to follow me back because love your blog and style!!
kisses pretty

Raj said...

Those leggings!!