Mar 17, 2012

I am collecting beautiful objects

This Spring, one of my goals is to minimize my wardrobe and have only beautiful pieces that feel wonderful to put on in the morning. Easier said than done!

This scarf works with the plan perfectly though - it takes up little space in my miniature closet, can be worn many different ways, and adds a nice pop of color to whatever it is paired with. It's also so, so beautiful, and made with luxurious silk from Thailand - not too shabby!

Lucky for us all, this scarf (along with tons of other beautiful silk items) is available at Sue's Silk for 15% off until March 27th with code "
BreakfastatSaks". You can also check out more gorgeous silk scarves and clothing through Sue's Silk's Twitter and Facebook.

And hey, if you have to wear green on St. Patrick's Day, keep it classy!


bravegrrl said...

i am with you on the fewer, but loved pieces :)

Summer said...

i love what you chose!!

Anthea said...

Beautiful! A scarf is a great way to spice up an outfit!

Jessica said...

Beautiful! You'll definitely have that for years and years.

It's hard to curate a wardrobe of perfect pieces. I'm trying to do the same and it's definitely going to be a long process.

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Raj said...

This scarf is mesmerising!