Oct 24, 2010

Autumn Overdose

Forever 21 jacket; Blue Life Sonnet Swing Tunic courtesy of Planet Blue; Hue leggings; Vintage Justin boots; Ray Ban Wayfarers courtesy of Shades Daddy; Forever 21 and Amrita Singh rings; Vintage necklaces; American Eagle fingerless gloves

There is still a week left before Halloween, but I already feel all Autumn-ed out. I've visited the pumpkin patches, I've drank the apple cider, and I've eaten way too many fried cakes - I'm ready for winter now! Of course, this apathy towards Halloween might also be due to the fact that I haven't yet made plans for the holiday, despite having prematurely picked up a costume at Goodwill the other week.... What are your plans for Halloween this year?


Closet Fashionista said...

Loving these! and my Halloween plans = nothing :(

Abbie B-C said...

I'm going to party in a crazy costume, drink far too much halloweeny punch, and eat way too many sweets!

Your blog is beautiful.

xx A xx

amalie said...

love your coat!

hiyaluv said...

i adore the festive photos:) i also love your coat-it looks cozy!

Patricia said...

Very fallish! Luvin ur coat!

Tria Zaluska said...

whoaa... I'm envy.. I don't have any plan for Halloween..:(

love you coat..


Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

wait. forever 21? that is the perfect shearling. did you get it recently?


Anonymous said...

We have a Halloween party to go to on Friday, but I'm kinda ready to skip right to winter too :)

emily//the lesser panda said...

AH! I still need to find a Halloween costume for next weekend! I'm not all autumned out, but I know what you mean. I don't really wish for winter though I don't like it cold!

My Essie nail polish color you were asking about is called Sew Psyched :]


Eli said...

ugh I totally had found that jacket at F21 a while back and left it behind and I regret it sooo bad. Its beautiful!

Anonymous said...

No plans I'm lame like that. Though I am looking for a car right now. Anyway you look confused in the first pick and thus I was confused did you see the Great Pumpkin at the patch is that why?

The Pretty Pauper said...

I just became a follower. Very cute blog! Feel free to check out my blog :)

The Pretty Pauper

Chelsea said...

Gourds, pumpkins, and that great shearling jacket! Great autumn post.

my life in style

classiq said...

Looove the jacket and the fingerless gloves! Can't wait to see your Halloween costume. :)

BarelyVogue said...

I picked my perfect pumpkin from pumpkin patch for my jack-o-lantern too. Love the look Ashley
keep in touch

Jessica said...

You had some killer luck at F21 to find that jacket! I adore it! (But, sadly, can't wear their jackets. I need to size up to a large to make it fit my shoulders, but then the torso is too big. Sigh.)

My Halloween plans consist of Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin, too much candy and carving pumpkins with the boyfriend. Maybe I'll throw on a witch's hat to make it more festive.

Jen said...

Sweetie, that coat is amazing!! I love collars like that... you can wear up or down. So my style!! :-)

Ashley said...

Your coat!!! I want. So cute. I love the pumpkins, too.

I know what you mean about being autumn-ed out. It looks more like winter here now anyway, so I think I'm finally okay with it coming. I have no Halloween plans yet, and probably won't...I haven't bought a costume, either. God, I'm exciting.

ching said...

that jacket is so cool. i want to reach out and touch the sheepskin. :D

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

lol it's def full on autumn right now...next up, full on turkeys! cute jacket!

miss annie said...

amazing shots! your blog is so adorable!

Miranda said...

Just started following, I love you blog and your fall look.


Unknown said...

Hii:) Thanks for your nice comment:)I'd love you to stop by soon again or if you like follow me. I'm definitely gonna follow your blog:) I really like your style and I'm curious to see what comes next:) Hope to "see" you soon;)



Manuella said...

well i lve your jacket...i don`t have one,yet!but is the next thing on my wishlist :) kisses♥

Nickie Frye said...

You are too funny! I love the jacket. Halloween? I'm taking my pre-schoolers trick-or-treating, then stealing their Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Well?! They're good! ;)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous pics and looks!


Vixen said...

thank you for your comment, your blog is amazing!!You have a new follower!!!:)

R. Gratz said...

I'm sooo about your shearling jacket right now! Purely EPIC!!!!


Ria said...

Wow that forever 21 jacket looks great. I've been debating on the site but I likey. I have the h&m one but I don't care for it.

Aissata said...

love your coat. great blog


Ans said...

Love your style!!! I want those vintage boots too!!


bravegrrl said...

ooooh, i love pumpkin patches! great jacket grrl!

Unknown said...

love the jacket x

Unknown said...

you look FAB!
what a lovely blog! i just bumped into it and i like it so mych!


Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment honey! I like this outfit!!
keep in touch!!


Kelly said...

Love the jacket!! I love fall! :)

<3 Kelly

Juls said...

ahh!! You can't be falled-out, there's still thanksgiving!! Of course, I see what you mean. I live in Salem, MA and it's been non-stop Halloween since October 1st. I feel like the holiday won't end and it hasn't even begun!

Chloe Tweeny said...

loving the jacket/fingerless glove combo! looks great :)

Redischic said...

I love your jacket!!!is beautiful!!

beneath the glass said...

you look great, love the shearling jacket and boots! What is your costume this year? I love looking at everyone's costumes, but unfortunately I won't be dressing up this year due to my baby belly, lol. I'll probably just eat a ton of candy! Have fun, can't wait to see pics :)
Beneath the Glass

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Beautiful jacket!! I really love the pumpkins all around you! I haven't even bought my Halloween costume yet! I'll be giving out candies mostly! xoxoxoxoo

Unknown said...

LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE PUMPKINS! I am definitely carving me one of them. Also, I haven't been on your blog in time (been in Berlin, was wonderful, I want to live there)! I have missed a little Ashley slice! :)jazzy ♥

Sarah Whitney said...

Gurrrl, that jacket is awesome. I need one right meowww!

2moss said...

omg your jacket!! soo cool! love your style!

Unknown said...

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Monroe Steele said...

love that coat! shearling is my favorite right now. thanks for your kind comments and hope u drop by again soon. new follower!

xoxo Monroe


Rebecca said...

love your jacket! and i can't wait for hallowe'en, it's going to be so, so fun :D


JessMidge said...

love this jacket!

Anonymous said...

Really Love your outfits!
They look so nice:)

Thanks for your comment, i will visit your Blog again! I Like it:)
greets from Germany


Lou said...

Merci pour ton commentaire ! :)
I love your outfit !
vivent les bombardiers !

Ragnhild Iversen said...


love u`re jacket!


I love your jacket. I'm new to your blog but so glad I found it!


this free bird said...

okay where are your lita's? hehe

seriously though - i fully expected to see them!

love your coat. it looks great on you:)


Anonymous said...

Love your jacket! :D


infinitezest said...

I love these fall photos, Ive been seeing them a lot on blogs recently and its so beautiful!
on your other post about "Current cravings" I am definitley craving a sheer maxi skirt & Lita boots too. I just ordered mine from Solestruck a week ago and Im ready for them to get here!
sorry for the long comment but thanks for visiting my blog, lots of love <33

Preity lama Tamang said...

Beautiful pictures...And amazing jacket,never knew forever 21 had them. i think i hab to check them out!!

SucceedingatFailing said...

Love the photo with the pumpkins behind you! Awesome pic! (and great outfit too as always)


Vivienne Kongvongsa said...

Adore adore that Forever 21 Shearling Jacket! You look great! :D


Anonymous said...

i love your aviator jacket


Unknown said...

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xoxo from rome

Irina said...

thanks for comm! love your style and blog, following, please follow back!

Annushka said...

Wow!!! Very, very, beautiful my dear girlfriend)))
Lovely post&blog!!!)))

Unknown said...

love this look. very casual but still stylish!


For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things said...

Ah, you look gorgeously autumn! :) Love the boots! :)

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