Apr 14, 2010


I don't normally do makeup or beauty product reviews, so you know it has got to be something extra special for me to take the time to write up a whole post about it. And Beautyfix is indeed extra special! I'm sure a lot of you have already heard about Beautyfix, but if you are in the dark (like I was!), here's a basic rundown of what Beautyfix is and how it works.

Beautyfix is an exclusive beauty club dedicated to matching you with the perfect products for your face, hair, and body. All you have to do is log on to and answer a short questionnaire about your skin tone, eye and hair color, etc etc. The survey takes maybe 2 minutes flat, and then the Beautyfix team of experts comes up with a list of products that will work specifically for you. From the list, you get to pick several products yourself, and Beautyfix's team of experts picks a few products that they know will be perfect for you - and you end up with 8 full size products!

If you become a member at Beautyfix, you will be able to receive a kit like this 4 times a year, with new products specifically fitting your hair and skin needs. Normally, the kits cost $50, but the amazing people at Beautyfix have offered Breakfast at Saks readers an incredible deal! When you sign up for Beautyfix, enter the promo code BFIX4 to receive $30 off the price of the Beautyfix Spring 2010 kit - you will be able to test out the Spring products for only $19.99, plus free shipping! Also, once you try out the products, if you share your reviews of the products on, you will receive a $25 gift card to!
Ok, now time for my review! Beautyfix sent me the Spring 2010 set for free, with products specifically fitting my profile of a light skinned, wavy brown haired, blue eyed gal. And boy did their panel of experts get it right! My Beautyfix kit came with everything you see above - Jonathan Brushable Lifting Spray, Pūr-lisse Daily Lip Nourisher, Chellá Enzyme Exfoliating Mask, Rosie Jane Eyeliner, iQ Derma Essentials Glacial Hydrating Gel Mask, iQ Derma Clear Remedy Acne Treatment Lotion, Decleor Paris Instant Radiance Moisturizer, Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque, and 2 Beautyfix makeup bags. Keep in mind, all of these products are full size, which was probably what shocked me the most when I opened the package - these products would be more than enough to last the 3 months until your next Beautyfix package arrives!

One of my favorite products was the
Pūr-lisse Daily Lip Nourisher. This Lip Nourisher is for all skin types, so you can pick this product no matter what your beauty profile (and I recommend you pick it!). The Pūr-lisse Daily Lip Nourisher is petroleum-free and formulated with fruit butters and vegetable oils, which honestly meant very little to me, but those fruit butters and vegetable oils work! Since I received this Lip Nourisher, I have been applying it morning and night as the box instructs, and my lips really have become softer, smoother, and much less dry. I could never get vaseline to work like that on my lips, so it really must be something about the natural ingredients! And FYI, this product on its own costs $22, while the entire Beautyfix Spring kit only costs $19.99 with code BFIX4!

Another product that I loved was the Jonathan Brushable Lifting Spray. I have wavy but fairly flat hair, and even when I hairspray my roots and blowdry, my hair still tends to fall flat in a few hours. But with this Jonathan spray, my hair stayed puffy way longer than it ever has before! I used this spray on dry hair, but you can use it when your hair is either dry or wet. All I did was flip my hair over, spray a little bit of this product around my scalp, run my fingers through my hair, and flip my head back up, and I already just about doubled the amount of volume in my hair - without a blowdrier or hairspray! In addition to the volume this product adds, it also smells amazing, and doesn't leave your hair feeling crunchy or greasy! Oh, and did I mention that on its own, Jonathan Brushable Lifting Spray costs $28? Yeah, Beautyfix is awesome, if you haven't already caught on!

If I haven't already convinced you, be sure to stay tuned for my reviews of all of the face masks, as well as the eyeliner and lotions. And be sure to at least check out to see all of the products they offer - and if you decide to become a member, don't forget to use code BFIX4 to get your first kit for just $19.99! Enjoy!


E said...

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to beauty products so I could use something like this that tells me what to do.

hiyaluv said...

I will be sure to check this out! I love beauty products! :) smiles,

Eli said...

this is cool, I got to participate in the same trial. we got some of the same things, kind of cool :)
I just got my stuff today so I probably wont write about it until next week

Ashley said...

@Eli: I can't wait to see what products you got and read your review!

Anonymous said...

This actually sounds like quite a good site, I can never tell what is right for me, and if I can get advice and discount products, I am all in!

Couture Carrie said...

I love Beautyfix!
Fabulous loot, darling!


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

ooh this sounds like such a good deal! I love the make up bag your stuff came in. Thanks for the code!

Silvia Couture said...

great tips and header!


Unknown said...

this all sounds fab x


Thanks for the heads up on Weardrobe, I didn't even know. Just got back in from out of town. :)

I love collecting cute little makeup bags too. My latest one has a kitten on it.


Style with Benefits said...

Whoa Beauty Fix sounds fabulous. I'm semi-clueless when it comes to finding the right beauty products and am always on the hunt to try new things. I need something like the Brushable Lifting Spray stat!

xo, becs

BarelyVogue said...

I remember that. We even exchanged links on ours in twitter. Do u recall?? That Marchesa looked amazing. BTW did you get the confirmation email that u were worried about?