May 28, 2009

Currently Craving: Breezy fabrics

1. Kate Moss for Topshop Crochet Shorts
2. UO Sheer Side Panel Tights
3. Rebecca Minkoff Rocker Studded Mini Messenger
4. Free People Jackie Tie Back Platform Boot
5. UO Mesh Back and Ladder Back Bodysuits
6. Siwy Paintsplatter Camilla Cutoffs
7. Elizabeth & James Edge Huarache Sandals

First off, thank you to everyone who wished me congrats on graduating, you all are so sweet! I love my readers :) Secondly, I'm so sorry for being such a bad blogger lately, but I'm back home now and working into somewhat of a routine, so I promise that the posts will go back to normal very soon. Thank you for your patience!

Anyhow, during senior week and graduation, it was in the 80s pretty much every day, so lately I've been craving anything and everything with cutouts, mesh, crochet, and the like. In this heat, the more breathable the fabric, the better! I'm especially feeling those bodysuits from Urban Outfitters, love the mesh and cutout backs. The sad thing is that I know I have leotards from back when I danced that are almost perfect doppelgangers of these bodysuits, I just can't seem to find where I stored them. Bummer! Well, I'll continue my search. Oh, and by the way, I just got the Siwy Camilla shorts in white and they are the most perfect shorts I have ever owned. I've worn them basically every day since I got them. Highly recommended!

Lastly, what do you guys all think of the Elizabeth & James shoe collection? I feel like everything I read about them is negative! Do any of you own a pair yet, or have you ordered one? I really love these sandals, but I gotta say, they seem a bit overpriced considering they are manufactured by Steve Madden...

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InnyVinny said...

Honestly, I'm not too moved by the E&J shoes...

And whoa at those shorts. I've been trying to find a pattern so I can make a pair of my own. I gave up, but maybe I should keep looking (those are TOO CUTE).