Apr 10, 2009

Currently Craving: Etsy

1. Babooshka Boutique: Jodphurs in spring mint- SOLD OUT :(
2. Hello Sweet Marie: Lulu gloves
3. Art Lab: Andromache's Deconstruction dress
4. I Heart Norwegian Wood: Zip It Up vest
5. Hold My Gold Vintage: Leather Chain bra

My love for Etsy has been firmly cemented after perusing through the site this evening. Quite literally you can find absolutely anything your heart desires on Etsy. A bra consisting entirely of leather and chains? Got it. Fingerless gloves in a million different shapes and styles? Got it, and more than you could ever get through in a night. Add to that the fact that the sellers will bend over backwards to make you happy, with many asking for your measurements in order to create custom-made pieces specifically tailored for you, you've got to agree that this is the best shopping site out there.

My absolute favorite out of the bunch I picked out above has to be the mint green jodphurs, I have never seen a pair of pants in this color and I can't understand why not. I also love the white deconstructed dress, you just have to check out Art Lab's shop, there are a ton more incredible pieces there, including some fantastic leather legwarmers. And I know a few of you probably saw the Zip It Up vest on Rumi a few months ago, but I can't help but feature it... I really do love it, even if it's old news!

Do any of you own Etsy shops, or do you have any favorite Etsy shops that I should check out? I'm still learning my way around Etsy, so I'd love some advice!


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

I love that zip up vest!

Frankie said...

I'm so obsessed with Etsy. There's just too much amazing stuff!

I have a shop there - I'd love to know what you think!


Libby said...

Etsy is so great, but I have never gotten around to buying anything there. I know Jane from Sea of Shoes has those jodpurs in black. I wanted to buy them, but alas they too were sold out!

Aline said...

I am a total etsy junkie....I can't get enough!

Have a great weekend:)

Elizabeth said...

i love #'s 1 and 3 the best!

kaitlyn said...

ii think i need those gloves.

Ashley said...

@Swell Vintage: I love your shop! Definitely craving a few pieces from it :)

InnyVinny said...

I HAD NO IDEA Hold my Gold had an etsy store...MAN!

And I'm looking for those gloves right now.