Mar 19, 2009

I loff you, two F's

Blazer: Ralph Lauren
Tank + Pants + Boots: Forever 21
Necklace: Margo Morrison

I finished all my midterms, hurrah! I feel like celebrating, except most everyone else is still working... and it's only 40 degrees outside... and it's Thursday... and technically I should be working on a lab that's due when I get back from Spring Break. But regardless, hurrah! I promise I am really happy and excited, despite the sourpuss look on my face in these pics. I only got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night because of work, so I'll blame it on that.

I know I have at least a few college girls and guys who read my blog, how are your exams going/how did they go? Hope you're all having a fabulous Thursday, just remember that Friday is right around the corner! And the sun is shining (at least in my little corner of Ohio), so soak up that vitamin D!

ps- 10 points and my forever love to anyone who recognizes the quote I used in the title of this post... it's from one of my favorite movies!


Anonymous said...

Annie Hall!!! "I lurve you" ... Fav movie. Hot Pants! I've seen those shoes everywhere and I must have them!

Freya said...

wow! love the blazer and the necklace particularly!

Anonymous said...

the boots are awesome! but i have a question about sizing, if i'm an 8 1/2 is it best to order up or down? i appreciate the help!

Ashley said...

@Stylish Thought: Ding ding ding, you got it!!

@Kat: I'm a size 6.5, and I ordered a 6 and they fit perfectly, so I'd definitely recommend going a size down. Otherwise I think they'd slip a bit on your heel and give blisters.

Freya said...

Hey Ashley, check my style response to you :

Fashion Trend Guide said...

This whole outfit is amazing, I'm happy to see you rockin' the awesome boots!

Anonymous said...

Forgetting Sarah Marshall? The vampire voice? Or maybe I'm mixing up movies in my head...Love your blog!