Feb 10, 2009

What do you think? Topshop Studded + Fringed Shoes

Granted, studs and fringe are not particularly new trends, but I think they'll be sticking around through the Spring, so it's not a horrible idea to invest in a fast-fashion version of it. These shoes are both by Topshop, the first is the Marley2 boot for $65, and the second is the Hugo Sandal for $44. I was leaning towards the sandals, because I like how the straps seem to overlap around the ankle, as well as both the studded toe and foot straps, but the boots have a certain charm as well. What do you think? Do you prefer the Marley2 boot, the Hugo sandal, both, or neither? Let me know, I love to hear the opinions of my readers!


Christina said...

I like the sandal, yeah, the fringing over the ankle is really cute. They would be great for summer, plus I like my boots with a heel, whereas sandals are ok as flats!


Anonymous said...

I still like studs, i don't think they are as 'fad' like, but i am sooooo over fringing. I bought a pair of fringed prada heels two years ago at the barney's end of season clearance, and now i am sick of the sight of them x

Ashley said...

Thanks for the replies guys! I would love to see a pic of your Prada's, dropdeadgorgeousdaily, I bet they're lovely, even if you're sick of them now!

Nico said...

Love them i want them both !