Feb 19, 2009

NY, I Love You: Erin Wasson x RVCA Fall 09 Presentation

Last night was the presentation of Erin Wasson's Fall 2009 collection with RVCA. Her spring collection has yet to be released in stores or online (the original release date was Feb. 1, but that has been pushed back several times now), but now at least we have pictures from another future collection to drool over. According to Fashionologie, the atmosphere of the presentation was very relaxed, complete with jello shots and sweaty dancing. Sound like the best fashion week party so far! It was attended by celebs ranging from Leighton Meester of Gossip Girls to Alexander Wang.

As for the clothes, they had the same off-duty-model, rock-chic, grimey '90s feel to them as her spring collection, but with several pieces in velvet and some really rad armwear mixed in. Standouts include a mesh tank (I think that's what it is, or maybe a body stocking?) paired with an oversized blazer and patchwork denim shorts, a leather romper (so cool!), and a beautiful lace fringe dress.
Also, the gorg shoes were designed by Tiffany Tuttle of LD Tuttle - I wonder if that includes Erin's leopard boots? Love them.

Pic from Coutorture


mandi said...

your blog is absolutely adorable hun :)

MizzJ said...

Cool collection. That girl in the striped shirt looks so young!