Feb 9, 2009

More Prices for Erin Wasson x RVCA

So here's some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Who What Wear has found out the prices of more items from the Erin Wasson x RVCA line. The bad news is that the prices are still fairly expensive, AND the release date has been pushed back again - it's now said to be around mid-February. At least that gives us all more time to save up for that $175 bustier! Click here to check out the article from Who What Wear, they interview Erin and ask her how she would style each piece - it's pretty interesting! And click here to see the prices of some other items from the collection, Erin's favorite Zeppelin shirt and a hot pair of leather shorts.

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steffie said...

i really in love with all the clothes!

Eli said...

I think its cute, but honestly, something anyone could make out of thrift store stuff.

Anonymous said...

We're in Australia so we are very excited that this line will be stocked at La Garconne (who ship down under), but are very unexcited by the prices... it's even worse when you convert to our piddly Aussie dollar x

Ashley said...

@getting-freaky: Me too, so many pieces that were missing in my closet are in this collection!

@Eli: Agreed, the collection definitely looks inspired by vintage clothes, but I know I could never find anything mildly fashionable in the used clothing stores back home! I'm hoping to try to go vintage shopping again this summer, maybe find some hidden gems?

@dropdeadgorgeousdaily: Oh gosh, I can image the converted price is just awful, I'm so sorry.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know if those drawstring jeans that Erin is wearing above (top left) is part of her line?? I really would love a pair!

Ashley said...

@Karin: I'm pretty sure they are, and I think there is a drawstring in the back too, similar to the front. I'm not sure on the price of them yet, but we should find out in another week or so!