Feb 27, 2009

Milan Fashion Week: Missoni F/W 09.10

Wow, Missoni really killed it with the layering, I love every look! And I especially love that Missoni designed a Fall/Winter collection for women who actually live in cold climates! The enormous scarves are so fun, especially when there are 2 or more layered around the models heads, necks, and bodies. The sweater tights paired with heels are a great combination to counter the bulky layers up top.

My favorite pieces from the collection are the delicate, spiderweby knit dresses, the cardigan/loooong scarf/fingerless glove combos, and everything in that beautiful shade of deep peach. Check out the whole collection at Style. What do you think?

Pics from Style


Denisa L said...

ohh i really like them!
this are the kind of clothes that i would wear!

Madeline said...

I normally love missoni for their crazy cool prints, but I was kind of disappointed that they hid the shapes of the clothing with so many scarves.


Anonymous said...

omg stop. i cannot handle the fabulosity of missoni. i want everything and i want to cuddle up with it in a big comfy ball :)

Edo said...

Missoni is awesome! I heard a buyer say "Our knitwear is gonna go up but what about every day?!" haha.


mandi said...

wow, i'm stunned. these looks are amazing i need one of those scarves BADLY!

Malu Keizer-Swartjes said...

great blog!
Love it:D