Feb 2, 2009

Erin Wasson x RVCA Release Delayed

From Coutorture:

The Erin Wasson for RVCA collection was slated to drop this weekend, but retailers are still waiting for their orders. In New York, the capsule collection is poised for the likes of Barneys, OAK, and Opening Ceremony - all of whom, we have learned, are so far without merchandise. La Garconne is set to be the major online supplier of the line but the front page contains not even a whisper of its arrival. Curious indeed. Hopefully the delay will be short one. We'll keep you posted!
Bummer that we can't buy Erin-designed clothes for another week (according to Fashionologie, the delay should be just one week), but patience is a sign of virtue, or something like that! I'll keep checking La Garconne and RVCA's websites and let you know as soon as the collection is posted! Until then, here are some pics of Erin wearing her designs in Fashion Magazine's February 2009 issue. Note that prices are listed for the items she is wearing: $160 for the Zeppelin shirt (above), $195 for the vest and $340 for the shorts (below).
Pics from RVCA


kaitlyn said...

the boots in the first picture are siiiick! i love them.

love your blog!


Ashley said...

Me too! According to the caption, they're by William Rast, but I couldn't find any shoes on the website... hm.

lizz said...

I love that first shot of Erin. She's so hot...


Anonymous said...

These are some gorgeous photos of Erin. I recently read her interview and I think she's one of the sweetest, down to earth models out there.

Ashley said...

@LaMimi: I agree, so many people think she gives off a rude vibe or something but I never got that from her, she seems so level-headed!

Isaure. said...

aw I love Erinn, her style is chic and hippie <33