Dec 28, 2008

Welcome to the Bright Side: Hot Pink Tights

Paris Hilton has done it again. She was spotted wearing hot pink tights in 2007, and now they're everywhere! Of course, various fashionistas have found different ways to style hot pink tights (arguably much better ways than that shown above) - check out some other stylings below. I am loving this look, in the middle of such a cold, dark, and dreary winter full of greys and blacks this burst of pink is just what is needed! I think I'll be stopping by Express this weekend to pick up a pair (for less than $5, it'd be wrong not to).

Kingdom of Style

Petrune Vintage

Fashionista Fortune Cookie

Paris Hilton Pic from FabSugar


Anonymous said...

I have the super hot pink ones from Express. Did you get them? I originally used my Miley Cyrus halloween costume as an excuse to buy them, but now that they're mine, I need to find a way to incorporate them into an outfit without getting made fun of. Any ideas?

Ashley said...

You're awesome for having pink tights! I went to Express but they were all sold out, I did see a pair in Forever21 that I'm thinking about getting, they were only $4.80 and I have no idea why I didn't just buy them when I saw them. As for incorporating pink tights into an outfit, I'd wear them with any outfit that is mostly just 1 other color - like a mostly black or mostly white outfit, where the tights are the focus and the one pop of color. But honestly, mix and match them however you want, and who cares if people make fun of you, you'll know you look fabulous!