Dec 11, 2008

Margo Morrison

I just found out that I won a Margo Morrison necklace from CelebStyle! I am so pumped! It's the style that Serena (Blake Lively) wore on Gossip Girl in the second episode of season 2, called the Rainbow Moonstone Necklace. So, since I knew nothing about the brand, I decided to do some research.

Margo Morrison grew up in Cleveland, OH (connections!), and is now located in NYC. She is a skilled pianist, journalist, and interior designer, in addition to being an incredible jeweler. She believes that "jewelery should not overpower a woman's natural beauty, it should simply enhance it". She uses semi-precious stones, pearls, and Swarovski crystals in order to create jewelery that "looks young and edgy on a 20-year-old, yet elegant and sophisticated on a woman of 60". Her collection includes necklaces, lariats, earrings, and bracelets, and is absolutely stunning. I highly recommend that you check out some of her designs at her website.
I have posted pictures of some of my favorite pieces below.

Pictures from fabsugar and Margo Morrison


Anonymous said...

I missed the Margo Morrison trunk show at Bendel's! I forgot what I was doing but I was busy that day.

Ashley said...

Oh I would so love to go to one of those, it must be so nice to live in NYC!