Nov 2, 2008

Target's 4th Go International Private Label Collection

Target released its 4th private label Go International collection today. I have found a few cute pieces in their previous collections, and this one is no different - very hit or miss, with some great pieces and some random, even ugly pieces. Here are my picks for pieces you should immediately order, try on in person, or ignore entirely.


Flocked Strapless Dress, $39.99. I love this dress, especially with the holidays coming up, it is so versatile and can be worn to several holiday parties with different accessories. And with the money you saved, you can afford more presents (for others or for yourself!)

Shadow Stripe Tunic, $24.99. What a great basic, this shirt will take you from work to weekends and keep you looking chic while being comfortable. I love the shade of purple too, they call it "pinot noir". This will look great with blacks and greys to add a bit of color into your winter wardrobe.

Military Jacket, $44.99. This could be a great piece depending on the cut/sizing of it. It's definitely best to try this one on in the store, or order a few sizes knowing that you'll return the ones that don't fit well (shipping is free for orders over $50)

Zipper Skirt, $27.99. This was going to be a must-order, but a customer review said it was very short so it's probably best to try this one on in the store, it may fall better in a larger size.


Batman Studded Tee, $29.99. I'm not really sure where this tee and the similar Wonder Woman tee fit into the whole collection, they're definitely not in the style of the rest of the clothes. Maybe minus the paint splatters I could see someone liking this shirt, but why it is included in a collection of work clothes and conservative holiday dresses is beyond me. And more importantly, it is definitely not worth $30. If you want a Batman Tee, try Hot Topic for similar options starting at $3.

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