Nov 24, 2008

Economic Crisis = Excellent Shopping

Xmas tree in the middle of Crocker Park

I went to Crocker Park this weekend with my boyfriend. For those who don't know (I'm assuming most of you don't), Crocker Park is a fancy outdoor shopping mall near Cleveland, with stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters, Guess, Coach, and Sephora (much like any regular mall). We took a bus there with a bunch of other Oberlin students, and on the way back I noticed that me and the BF by far had the most bags. I guess Consumer Society may have been a better name for this blog after all! Anyways, I posted pictures of what I bought, and then I realized they don't look like much of anything laying on the floor, so I'll take outfit pictures sometime during the week.

Sidebar: I kind of love that a side-effect of the horrible economy is incredible sales. Like, more than 90% off in the case of my men's wifebeater (which for me is a dress....).

Pleather skirt from H&M, $25
I'm kind of obsessed with this, in all its fake-leather glory.

Ecote slip from Urban Outfitters, $9.99 (marked down from $58)
I plan to wear this like a dress, a la bohemian Kate Moss, obviously with a slip underneath.

Black tee from Gap, $5.99 (marked down from $16.99)
Boring, but highly functional, and will probably get the most wear.

Black wifebeater from the men's department of Gap, $.97 (marked down from $16.50)
This will function as a tank dress for me, or a slip for under the UO dress, or something... I'll find a use for it, considering it was less than $1.

Black Cuzza boots from Nine West
This is just a better picture of the boots I ordered a few weeks back, they are still slightly muddy but trust me, they were much worse before.

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