Nov 3, 2008

Crazy and Wonderful Hats

The temperature is dropping and winter is in the air. Jackets and Uggs are everywhere around campus. Despite the depression that may accompany this, I'm actually really excited about the dropping temperatures because I love winter accessories! Lucky for me, Urban Outfitters has really outdone themselves this season in their winter accessory department, and I want just about every hat they offer! Check out some of the must-haves below.

S Loves C by Spring & Clifton Bow Beret. This is the hat that inspired this post. Maybe I've been watching too much Gossip Girl, but I must have bows and the bigger the better! This hat is the epitome of adorable and must be mine.

Urban Outfitters Cocktail Hat. This is exactly the kind of hat I want to wear with a little black dress to some fancy, chic Upper East Side holiday party (ok you got me, I just finished watching Gossip Girl and I'm a little obsessed - I promise, no more references to it).

Urban Outfitters Asymmetrical Bow Cloche. I love the color of this hat and the contrast of the bow, it would definitely make you stand out in a sea of dreary black and grey winter clothes.

Urban Outfitters Faux Fur Pillbox Hat. Ok I'm not sure if I would ever actually wear this, but I like to think that I could pull it off! It's so luxurious looking without the luxury price tag. I'm gonna need to try this one on....

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